All artwork is originally created by myself(Brandie Ingraham), and all products are manufactured under my direction and discretion.

I began creating at a very young age working with any medium within my grasp, beginning with drawing, photography, stitching, carving and evolving into multimedia, painting, plastic - wood - wire and clay sculpture, mold-making, book-binding, silk-screening. I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009 and my Cosmetology Degree in 2010. I had my first gallery show in 2011 at the Down To Earth gallery in Antigonish N.S. I Continue to sell at various markets throughout the year.

I had many mentors and influential colleagues throughout my life and career including my late grandmother, Thelma Ingraham, and the late Clyde Henneberry. Throughout my years as an artist and student, I had many professors, friends and acquaintances who greatly inspired me to create, pursue, and grow within my artistic career. The artistic community in my area is strong and supportive, which has helped me thrive in my artistic creativity, and strive toward growing in my career.

My main artistic focus is in fantasy and fiction, I also enjoy nature, animals, portraits, and fan-inspired pieces(fan-art). Preferred materials and mediums are water-colour, ink, resin and polymer clay though I have also worked with wood, clay, wax, acrylic paint, and natural materials.

I have been inspired by many artists, genres, movies, etc to create the things I come up with. Brian Fraud, Jean-Baptiste, Alan Lee, Keith Thompson, Louis Royo, Frank Frazetta, Kaitlyn Paige, Lauren Marx and more. 

If you live in the area and would like to catch me at one of my shows, I take part in events and shows within Nova Scotia throughout the year where I sell and promote my apparel line and artwork. These events are usually posted on my facebook and instagram pages:





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